Is it dangerous to have water and electricity so close together in a bidet?

With the Bio Bidet bb 1000, and the Coway BA13 bidets, owners of these items should be firmly aware of the necessary steps for bidet cleaning. In observation of the assembly for each bidet, in general it’s common that special care is needed when cleaning bidets. A myth involving cleaning bathrooms that all cleansing agents and solutions advertised as “bathroom cleanser” can be used to clean bathrooms.

Ideally when cleaning a bathroom special attention is given to the type of material used to clean the bathroom like old clothing, sponges, or cloths. While some fabric is not safe to use on plastic or porcelain surfaces, it’s best to presume to use a soft cloth-like material.
Most bidets are designed the same regarding their usage. The Bio Bidet bb 1000, and the Coway BA13 bidets each contain electrical parts. Cleaning a bidet twice a week or more is a suitable schedule. If the bidet is not stained of any part, then the bidet could be cleaned twice a week. The cleanser agent or solution used needs to be a soft detergent like a mild soap. Be careful to wipe all areas of the bidet including the seat, and not just the inside.

Electrical Parts within the Bidet

Each bidet containing some electrical part must be treated in accordance to the manufacture’s instructions. In doing so the parts are kept in good condition while retaining a longer life span. The electrical parts within a bidet are more than a few. During maintenance the parts can be cleaned along with the general cleaning of the bidet. Although the parts are generally engineered to work in accordance with water, it’s important to note not following the instructions of the manufacture can cause injury. The bidet electrical parts are mostly sealed motors, or sprayers. There’s no contact between the water, and electricity. Even if there was contact between the water and electricity, sufficient grounding would reroute the electrical current.

Electricity and water normally does not mix, but with new technology the water can be used as a conductor to reroute electrical current for specific purposes. In this case the electrical current can be used to power devices such as a water sprayer or motor. We remind owners that with the use of any device that employs electricity to reserve caution in the case malfunction.

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Warranties on a Bidet

The popular Japanese toilet seat, the bidet has made its way into the popular mainstream culture. As the popularity of the Japanese toilet seat increased, of course it meant that bidet sales were increasing. The warranty on a bidet is usually a standard manufacture warranty meaning the product could be shipped to the manufacturer should the covered part fail to operate within the participating period. The covered period is usually 90 days from the date of purchased. Additional warranties are most likely offered second-hand or extended by the manufacturer for an additional cost. If the bidet contains electrical parts, it should not be purchased without a warranty.